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 *जिंदगी जीने का तरीका*
by Mr. Ravi Sharma

हैलो, मेरा नाम रवि शर्मा है, और मैं भिवंडी का रहने वाला हूँ। मैं बोन सॉफ्ट टिश्यू का(BST) सर्वाइवल हूँ।और आज मैं बता रहा हूँ कि कैंसर की बीमारी के समय मैंने जिंदगी का सफर कैसे तय किया। .....

by Mr. Chinmay badve

“Sometimes I think why it happened to me? I haven't done anything wrong. I never hurt anyone then why? But there is no answer for that maybe God is trying to make me stronger. I always thank God for giving me 2 legs because I have seen many people who don't even have legs.” .....

my "Cancer Success Story"
by Mrs. Rashi Kapoor

I will remain greatful to you as it is only because of you I m walking and doing something for the welfare of others.....

How Shweta Chawre battled Cancer?

At the end of her journey full of twists and turns, sacrifices and gains, she came out as a survivor and found her reason ...

Vinith Jain - The road to recovery !!!

His journey towards recovery and his battle against cancer will inspire the likes of you and me..