Musculoskeletal oncology is a relatively new specialty, both as far as orthopaedics and oncology goes. Over the last decade we in India have seen a gradual increase in interest in this field develop, with surgeons specialising in “orthopaedic oncology” providing care in various parts of the country. Interaction and exchange of views on sarcoma care in India has been largely restricted to “single discipline” meetings organized by surgeons, pathologists, radiotherapists or medical oncologists individually with the occasional multidisciplinary meeting.

Sarcomas are rare and each individual and institution can only benefit from having access to pooled information and experience. For sarcoma care to evolve, ideas to surface and multi institute or multi disciplinary collaborations to develop in the fields of basic research, patient care, biomaterials and prosthesis, there is a need for a common platform where all of us involved in the treatment of sarcomas can interact. This would also help foster training and education opportunities, promote dissemination of knowledge and aid in the development of treatment guidelines suitable for our socio cultural environment.

The Indian Musculo Skeletal Oncology Society (IMSOS) is a step in this direction. It aims to “promote scientific, evidence based, comprehensive multidisciplinary management of bone and soft tissue sarcomas and encourage basic and clinical research.” ┬áIMSOS seeks to provide a common forum for interaction and mutual collaboration between different specialists and institutes involved in the treatment of sarcomas. Membership is not restricted to doctors alone. Any nurse, scientist, related health care worker or individual who is interested in the study of or management of sarcomas is welcome to join the society. Together we must strive to develop this society to ultimately provide the best possible care to the maximum number of patients.